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Winer Colt Prescription Shooting Glasses

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Winner Colt

The large lenses of these classical shooting spectacles offer unobstructed vision and can be used for: skeet, combat, precision pistol competition (PPC 1500) or clay pigeon shooting.

Supplied with Polycarbonate lenses up to +/- 4.00D with opposite cyls to 2.00 in clear as standard, or with blue or yellow tints as extras

One size adult fit

Available with clear, blue or yellow lenses.

Comes complete with case.

The Austrian Tyrol is both the original home of sport shooting and the birthplace of Winner shooting optics. Rainer Krischan, himself an optometrist and Walter Schmied, an optometrist and watchmaker developed and designed shooting glasses which have revolutionized the sport.

Using their experience as sport shooters and hunters they created glasses combined with practical headbands which are comfortably worn on the head.

By removing the conventional spectacle frame the sport shooter enjoys a new level of comfort and has the sensation of not wearing glasses. This is especially advantageous when wearing hearing protection. These innovative developments aid concentration and lead to more precise shooting.

Their goal: Look – aim – shoot - and win
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Lens Coating
  • Clear +£ 0.00
  • Blue +£ 20.00
  • Yellow +£ 20.00
Lens Coating
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  • Blue +£ 20.00
  • Yellow +£ 20.00
  • £155.00
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