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Horse riders and equestrian enthusiasts have their own unique requirements for sunglasses, even if you ride horses in competition or just for pleasure you need to have the best vision you can get.


Secure fit and comfort are important, including the fitting of the side arms and the sunglasses with a riding hat.


Safety is another important consideration for horse riders,  - protection for the eyes from tree branches and shatterproof lenses should the worst happen.!Prescription lenses can also be fitted to may of the sunglasses to help with clear vision which is paramount for stride, distance and terrain judgement.


Protection from the sun needs to be considered including sunlight shining in from the sides as well as lenses which give the ability to see clearly undulations and terrain changes in the grass to keep you and your horse on a sure footing.


Sports sunglasses for horse riders and prescription sports sunglasses are available from Sportspecsonline which are specially designed for equestrian use.

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