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Revo Sunglasses

Revo Sunglaases

Revo sunglasses were first founded in the mid 1980's using the technology originally founded for the lenses in the helmets of NASA astranouats in their space helmets.

The rigoorous conditions out in space and the abseloute need for protection of the eyes led to the development of the Serilium lens with the Revo surfacepro protection system. These are a lightweight shatterproof lens of polycarbonate, with filters and coatings applied to make the lenses repel water and oil etc, mirror coatings to help prevent UV passing through the lens, even when the lens has been scratched, as well as rear surface coatings to help with reflections of light from behind entering the eye. the lenses are also polarized with a 99% polarization efficiency.

Crystal glass lenses which are very scratch resistant are also available, and these are ground and polished to the same standards as a camera lens.

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