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Julbo sunglasses and sports glasses come from a history of continual development over more than a 100 years from an alpine mountaineering and glacier background, including sunglasses for those who need prescription eyewear.

Nowadays, Julbo have used their expertise to produce specialist frames and lenses for sports such as trail running, cycling, sailing and extreme outdoor sports where quality sunglasses are needed. They continue to make the mountain sunglasses alongside the new ranges. Most styles can be used to incorporate prescription lenses.

Julbo original lenses are supplied with a small etched logo on the surface of the lens indicating which type of Julbo sunglasses lens is fitted. Make sure you are being supplied with genuine Julbo lenses. Sportspecsonline only supply Julbo Sunglasses (Including Prescription Sunglasses) fitted with Original Julbo Technical Lenses, which means that you are guaranteed the Genuine Julbo Vision Experience. The only exception to this is the Julbo Drus - where we have to fit our own equivelant of the spectron lenses.


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